Unique architectural masterpieces in the capital, Riyadh

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is keen to improve the beauty of its cities as they expand and grow and is doing so by using world class architects who favour innovative and striking designs. The Kingdom has launched a variety of initiatives to attract the very best architects who share the vision of creating elegant, visually appealing, modern cities.


The capital city, Riyadh, is already home to distinctive architectural masterpieces that are characterised by bold design and geometric shapes. The Kingdom Tower is considered one of the most important landmarks in the nation and is distinguished by its unique shape and its excellent location at the heart of the capital. The tower consists of 99 floors and is 300 metres tall and is home to many different international brands and restaurants, as well as apartments and the Four Seasons Hotel.


The Public Investment Fund Tower, also located in the capital, is known for its unique design which is inspired by the crystals found in the nearby desert. Natural light floods the building which is protected from the heat by having three layers of glass. In line with the Kingdom’s mission to become more ecological, the building relies on solar panels and wind energy to generate electricity.


King Fahad National Library is one of the most important cultural attractions for tourists visiting Saudi Arabia. The unique and innovative architecture attracts many visitors from all over the world.


The Al-Faisaliah Tower in Riyadh is the fourth tallest skyscraper in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Wildly distinct, the pyramid shaped building has curved edges and is topped with a large golden ball, at 267 metres it can be seen across the skyline. The thirty floors are home to international brands, a wedding hall, a hotel and a range of businesses.


The King Abdullah Center for Petroleum Studies and Research in Riyadh, also known as “KAPSARC,” was designed by the international Iraqi architectural designer Zaha Hadid. The unique architecture has won multiple awards including from the American Concrete Institute for the best architectural design in the field of concrete construction. It is an embodiment of the Kingdom’s future vision for other cities across the nation.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is already home to an array of unique, architectural masterpieces and this is something Saudi Vision hopes to continue to build upon, so these great cities continue to flourish economically and culturally.