Tourism by the sea in Saudi Arabia's key cities

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Saudi Arabia has numerous coastal cities known for their fun and tourism. People visit these places for exciting activities and to enjoy stunning sea views.


These destinations offer exceptional options suitable for all ages, as diving enthusiasts can enjoy a unique experience and explore the beauty of the marine depths of the Red Sea in the west of Saudi Arabia, which is characterized by coral reefs and diversity in fish wealth. The West Coast environment also provides many water sports, including jet skiing and paragliding. And other sports preferred by adventure lovers.


Another distinctive experience that suits those who love tranquility and relaxation is sailing on luxury boats and yachts deep in the sea, in a special night atmosphere, and you can also lie down on one of the beautiful beaches that are serviced according to high-quality standards.


 The city of Jeddah is one of the most important coastal cities located in western Saudi Arabia. It is distinguished by the Corniche, which extends about 30 kilometers along the coast of the Red Sea, which offers its visitors many activities throughout the year, where the warm, moderate weather allows everyone to enjoy the most prominent sea views


The city of Dammam is also an important coastal destination, as it is home to the artificial coral islands, and is famous for its tree-covered corniche that people go there to enjoy stunning views, especially at sunset. The city also offers water adventure lovers a number of activities on the coast and in the depths of the sea.


Yanbu, on the other hand, is among Saudi Arabia's top, peaceful seaside getaways. It's known for its fancy hotels and resorts. The city boasts a lovely Corniche with palm trees and lush green areas at both ends. This provides a serene place for leisurely walks, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Moreover, it offers various water activities and adventures.


This has turned Saudi Arabia into a sought-after place for tourists, both from inside the country and abroad. People who enjoy the sea and all the exciting activities that come with it are drawn here. It showcases the variety of the country's landscapes and weather. It's not just about desert tourism, as the coastal destinations in Saudi Arabia are highly regarded, especially in the region.