King Salman Park

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An Overview

The Park will span over 16 sq. km. and is designed to foster an environment of bold colour that plays host to an array of arts, culture, sports, entertainment and innovation, all in harmony with its nature-rich surroundings.  Like many of the other mega projects currently under construction across Saudi Arabia, and in line with part of the goals of Vision 2030, King Salman Park will also be a destination that promotes ‘Saudi productivity, creativity and innovation for future generations’. 


The project’s key objectives beyond acting as Riyadh’s green lung and inspiring the youth of tomorrow is to enrich the social setting of the city and unite communities as well as provide an accessible location that will increase public participation in sports and athletic activities, thereby enhancing the wellness and health of the surrounding population.  The projected final Park will also include a series of sub projects – the Royal Arts Complex, the Visitors Pavilion, a Golf Course, Sports Facilities and an Equestrian Center.     


Investment Details 

When evaluating the returns potential of any investment into a mega project like King Salman Park, it is important to look at the detail of the project and what elements will shape its performance and productivity.  In the case of King Salman Park, the numbers to know regarding this development project are…. 



  • A site area of over 16 square kilometres
  • 15,000 residential units 
  • 2,225 hotel rooms
  • 6 museums
  • 20 sports courts 
  • 11.6 square kilometres of greenery 
  • 250 square kilometres of retail space 
  • 390 square kilometres of office space 
  • A 30 minute drive for 75% of Riyadh residents 

As one of the world’s largest urban parks, King Salman Park is all set to begin breaking records and shaping the way we see city engagement with nature.  It will breath new life and a refreshing spirit in to the communities of Riyadh, providing a tranquil sanctuary and healthy habitat for visitors, tourists and residents, not to mention a wide variety of opportunities for luxury property real estate investors.  


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