Desert Rock Resort: A Luxurious Retreat in the Saudi Mountains

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The Red Sea destination in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is emerging as one of the most eagerly awaited tourism and entertainment destinations globally. The Red Sea International Company is spearheading the development of numerous large-scale projects in the area. These projects encompass hotels, residential projects, entertainment venues, and various other innovative destinations that are garnering attention worldwide.


The Red Sea International Company, as part of the Kingdom's future 2030 vision, is developing Desert Rock Resort, a luxury project nestled within a hidden valley amidst a series of mountains. Surrounding the resort are rugged mountainous formations and desert expanses, enhancing the beauty of its strategic location, which offers an exclusive view of the Red Sea skyline. Initiated in 2021, completion of the project is currently at approximately 50%, with full readiness anticipated by the end of 2024.


Desert Rock is characterised by a distinctive architectural style, thoughtfully designed by the Oppenheim Architectural Company. Their exceptional design ethos prioritizes the preservation of the site's natural beauty and honours the spirit of the mountainous region. This approach ensures that visitors to this destination are treated to an exceptional experience, allowing them to explore the previously undiscovered terrain and environment of Saudi Arabia.


Desert Rock is set to feature a total of 60 hospitality units, comprising 50 luxury villas and 10 hotel units. Offering diverse accommodation options, the resort includes luxury residential units situated at ground level, hotel suites nestled halfway up the mountain, and unique rooms integrated within masses of rocks. Each accommodation option offers distinct views of the horizon and the sea. Moreover, the resort boasts world-class facilities such as an oasis with a picturesque lake, a luxurious spa, and a state-of-the-art fitness centre.


The construction of Desert Rock Resort adhered to the highest sustainability standards, as outlined in the international LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. The resort prioritizes environmentally friendly practices in both construction and operation, aiming to minimize carbon dioxide emissions, lower energy consumption, create more green spaces, and utilize rainwater. Additionally, materials generated from the excavation were repurposed in various building and construction endeavours, further enhancing the resort's commitment to sustainability.


The Desert Rock Resort project embodies a qualitative shift in the concept of global tourism, reflecting the true spirit of Saudi tourism to the world. Cities within the Kingdom, particularly Jeddah along the Red Sea, are now at the forefront of the global tourism and entertainment industry. This prominence has attracted major hospitality and architectural development firms to participate, thereby becoming integral parts of the Saudi tourism scene. This new destination aligns with the Vision 2030 strategy, wherein Jeddah transforms into a key attraction point, elevating the Kingdom's stature on the international stage.