A Guide to Al Khobar Beautiful Saudi Arabia

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The sun soaked sparkling city of Al Khobar is one of the most beautiful destinations in Saudi Arabia.  Surrounded by a glistening coastline, this modern urban oasis is rich in culture and adventure, offering a superb location for residents, tourists and visitors from the Middle East and beyond. 


What Makes Al Khobar Stand Out

This vibrant city in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia has the ideal blend of old and new, as well as the added benefit of a gorgeous coastline with breath-taking views.  Because of its unique offering in terms of natural vista and contemporary design, the city is fast-becoming one of the most in-demand for international investors, residents and visitors.  This transition is having a significant impact on the local and regional economy, providing ample opportunities for savvy investors to take advantage of the growing real estate market with its commercial, hospitality and residential development projects.   


Top Hotspots in Al Khobar

Here are some of the top places that definitely should be on your must-see list during any visit to Al Khobar. 

The Corniche Promenade: Overlooking the Arabian Gulf, this seaside promenade is a stunning waterfront attraction with plenty of room for jogging, cycling or walking with friends.  The vista is incredible and there are numerous cafes and restaurants to rest a while and enjoy some delicious Middle Eastern treats.  You can also use the promenade as a viewing platform for the city’s famous Water Tower, a towering white vision on its own man-made island. 


The Golden Belt Walk:  Continuing with our theme of a beautiful stroll, it is well worth checking out the idyllic Golden Belt Walk in the centre of Al Khobar.  A linear style park-inspired stretch that sits along King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Road, this stunning area faces the waterfront and is made up of well-manicured grassy spots, palm trees and serene water features. 


Desert Designs: If shopping is on your Al Khobar bucket list, then you won’t want to miss Desert Designs on King Abdullah Street.  It is a well-known family-owned retail outlet that stocks handpicked traditional Islamic products, ranging from tribal Bedouin arts to contemporary artistry.  There is even a gallery to browse and a café to sample gourmet teas and coffees. 


Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Science & Technology Center (SciTech): This innovative destination was originally designed to promote cultural and scientific awareness amongst the younger generations in Al Khobar and Saudi Arabia.  Today, in addition to its many education programmes and initiatives, it is one of the city’s, and the region’s, most popular tourist destinations.  The venue also encompasses seven main exhibition halls, an IMAX scientific dome, a conference room, educational unit and an astronomical observatory. 


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